madi sanderson
vulvation is about a vulva revolution. It is everything vulva and then some. Vulva, vulva, and more vulva. It is a collection that celebrates every aspect of feminine bodies, highlighting its fleshy, material beauty. This collection is a response to events in 2022 that endangered women’s rights including the U.S. Supreme courts overturning of Roe v. Wade and the attacks on Iranian women protesting for their rights. The strength and tenacity of feminists worldwide who continually fight for their rights are the original inspiration for this collection that glorifies the female form.

vulvation has features with:
-Hotfungirl Magazine Issue 2 including shows in London, Cleveland OH, and NYC
-Vulvaplicity at the Vagina Museum (London)
-The Vanilla Issue 
-Colour Hive’s Mix Magazine Issue 75

film photography by Hana Baran @hotfungirlfilm

London, UK
london, uk/ ohio, usa